1. Awakening

2. The Lie of the Land

3. Emerald Eye

4. The Body and the Blood

5. Distant Shores

6. My People (Album version)

7. Reckless Abandon

8. Ghosts of the Past

9. Journey's End


Produced by Dave Morrissey

Mastered by Lasse Lammert


Recorded between April 2011

and September 2014

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Since forming Celtic Legacy with Dave Boylan in 1997, Dave has been largely responsible for the band's musical direction. The majority of the music on the first 2 albums was composed by Dave and he was also the designer of all the band's graphics, imagery and logo.


When the band broke up as a gigging entity in 2009, he took a couple of years out to concentrate on pressing domestic issues before getting the bug to begin work on a solo project, deciding to perform all the music for the album himself. Working initially with American singer Martin DeBourge (go check this guy out), the solo album morphed into a dual project, until constantly busy schedules on both sides of the Atlantic stalled the work in progress.


The arrival of Ciarán Ennis in January 2013 moved the material into familiar territory. Before long the songs began taking on a more 'Legacy' kind of direction.

Ciarán joined Legacy early in 2007 while the band was gearing up to record the Guardian of Eternity album. Blessed with an astonishing vocal range, Ciaran distinguished himself as the band's longest serving vocalist right up until the end in April 2009.


While working on his own Mirrors of Obsidian project, Ciarán got a call in January 2013 to listen to some new material Dave Morrissey was working on and he jumped back into the fold. Once Ciarán returned, the project turned into a de-facto Celtic Legacy album.


With the break up of the established Morrissey/Boylan songwriting partnership, Ciarán had a perfect opportunity this time to set his own lyrical themes as well as his own vocal style to the new material, giving the tone a more contemporary, lyrical content.

Dave Morrissey

Ciarán Ennis

Celtic Legacy/Resurrection Re-Issue (2008)

Eternal Legacy Records (ELCLCD004)

Celtic Legacy



The Lie of the Land

Eternal Legacy Records (ELCLCD005)

Limited Edition CD

Digital Format

Available from iTunes, Amazon and all
on-line stores.

Guardian of Eternity


Eternal Legacy Records (ELCLCD003)