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It's been a while since the site was updated. It seemed like a good idea to give it a total makeover and make it more streamlined so we hope you enjoy the new look. For those of you new to Celtic Legacy, any questions you might have about the band, past, present and future should be answered here. However, if you are after more specific information then drop us a line at davem@celtic-legacy.com.


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Is there another 'Celtic Legacy'?

Some of you may have heard about a Celtic Legacy in the USA. You're right, there is a renaissance band called Celtic Legacy also known as Kiltic. They're very popular and active in the Colorado area. Of course that sometimes leads to confusion, especially on the band's Facebook page where we occasionally have to post messages to clarify the difference. Check 'em out.


Sadly, there is another bunch here in Ireland going around claiming to be this Celtic Legacy. This shower of chancers seem intent on dragging the name of the band down without any regard for its fans or its history. They're not even calling themselves Celtic Legacy, but are using a variation on the spelling to try and get around the fact that they have no rights to the name and they know it. Instead they'e trying to fool people into believing it's the same band with a pathetic story that they are fed up of people mispronouncing the name as Seltic Legacy. They even claim to have a back catalogue, which is simply ridiculous. Even a quick glance displays Celtic Legacy on the albums, unless it's a series of typos nobody noticed for over 10 years.


The fact is that Celtic Legacy is a legally registered name and unfortunately for them, the name they use is registered also. They can try to revise history all they like but in the end, the name Celtic Legacy is on all the album covers and that's the end of the argument. Sad to say, even that fact probably won't register – after all, some necks are just made of brass.

Celtic Legacy Albums


Celtic Legacy

Guardian of Eternity

Celtic Legacy / Resurrection

Re-Issue (2008)

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