Ciaran Ennis Joined Celtic Legacy in early 2007 just as the band were finalising plans to record the Guardian of Eternity album. The band had spent nearly 3 years looking for a singer and a MySpace audition recording by a tribute band Ciaran was singing with caught its ear. A pitch perfect rendition of Maiden's Aces High displayed Ciaran's chops perfectly.

Ciaran stayed with Legacy until the 'break up' in 2009 and since then has worked with his Brother Eoin on their own Mirrors of Obsidian project. The duo have released 2 albums so far and are gearing up for live shows across Ireland. This project sees Ciaran using his vocals in a completely different way to the style he utilises in Celtic Legacy.

In 2013, Dave and Ciaran got back together to work on The Lie of the Land. Ciaran wrote all the lyrics, updating them to more contemporary themes. Never fully satisfied with his performances, Ciaran would insist on re-recording any take that didn't measure up. We modestly believe his performance on this album is his best work to date.