Dave Morrissey formed Celtic Legacy with Dave Boylan in 1998. The two had previously played together in a rock covers band called Stomp from 1994 - 1997. When they started to write original material it was decided to form a new band, putting a working line-up together to record and promote an upcoming album.

At the age of 21 Dave had to re-learn how to play the guitar after blood poisoning in the 4th finger of his left hand required surgery which removed most of the muscle. As a result he had to radically alter his style, compensating with his little finger. This forced him to focus more on melodic playing rather than shredding.

On album, Dave played keyboards as well as guitar. When Legacy 'broke up' in 2009 he began work on a solo project shortly afterward which eventually morphed into The Lie of the Land. He wrote, performed and recorded all music for that album.