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Celtic Legacy News
Celtic Legacy – Nexus

New 'Celtic Legacy' Album News - 4th October 2010
Founding members Dave Morrissey and Dave Boylan are to record a new album of tracks from their early years. Although not strictly a Celtic Legacy album, this project will nonetheless come under the Celtic Legacy banner in order to emphasise its relationship to the band's formation. A total of 12 tracks will be recorded, the final 2 being 'surprise inclusions'. The other 10 tracks span two decades of writing and demoing, very few of which have ever been heard outside a select group of people.

The album is to be titled Celtic Legacy – Nexus and will be released in digital format only. Full artwork will be developed but only in PDF format. The duo are planning to have the album completed by the end of November 2010 depending on how quickly the project comes together.

This does NOT mean that Celtic Legacy is re-forming as a band. The reasons for splitting in 2009 are still valid. Money simply does not exist to book prolonged studio time or press physical CDs.

Solo Album News
The members of the band haven't been sitting around idle since news of the split was announced. All five musicians will be involved with various solo albums over the coming weeks and months.

Ciaran Ennis and Eoin Ennis were hard at work on their own project while Legacy was still going. Their Aeon Arterea album has been evolving and they have been busy writing and recording for the past 2 years. The debut album is reaching a critical stage with mixing due to commence shortly. Check out their MySpace Page for song samples.

Dave Boylan has started writing tracks for his own album 'Bloodline' and has begun demoing material. This album will feature guest appearances from Joe Farrell, Keith Hendley and Dave Morrissey.

Dave Morrissey is currently writing and demoing material for his own album tentatively titled 'The Forest Dweller'. Dave will handle all the music for the album as well as engineer and produce the sessions. Intended as a concept project, several guest vocalists are being contacted to sing on the album. So far Dave Boylan and former Legacy vocalist Sean McBride have confirmed their involvement.

We will post updates on all these projects here over the coming months.

Legacy To Split
Celtic Legacy is sorry to announce that the band is to be put on hold indefinitely with immediate effect.

We had already begun the process of following up 'Guardian Of Eternity', but financial woes have put paid to the prospect of a new album. The band is in heavy debt following the recording of the previous CD. It was hoped that sales of the last release would finance new recordings but subsequent heavy downloading massively outstripped actual album sales, effectively putting paid to any chance we had of financing new projects. Putting it simply - we're broke. We put everything we had into the last album, but the music scene has changed to the point where we simply can't afford any further band activity, especially with the recession adding to the money squeeze. We've made back only a fraction of the money it cost us to record the last album and we can't afford to do another one. It's as simple as that.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the band since it started way back in 1997. We've had our share of ups and downs since we began, but leaving 3 albums behind - all recorded and released using our own resources is an achievement we're all very proud of.

The band's websites will remain live and the albums will still be available to buy from those locations.

All members of the band go their separate ways on excellent terms and we would not rule out a return somewhere down the line. But for the present, we need to take a long time away until things drastically improve.

All the best,
Dave, Slim, Ciaran, Keith, Joe

TourManager/Booking Agent Required
Celtic Legacy is is looking for a reputable and experienced business savvy person to take charge of band affairs for 2010. We are already planning our strategy for next year and would like to have someone on board to handle all the dirty work while we get on with the music end of things. We will no longer be doing gigs on a goodwill or 'take the door' basis so we need someone to handle the tricky negotiations on our behalf. This includes booking and organising gigs, travel and general management. NOTE: We will not be playing Irish gigs in 2010, so the position is needed to enhance our standing for international tours and festivals and have a gig schedule in place for next year as early as possible. If you know someone capable or want to get in touch with us then email the band at

New Pics and lots of new YouTube Videos now online - April 2009
Pics from the band's recent appearance at the British Steel IV Festival in London are now up in the Gallery Section. There are also heaps of new YouTube videos to see on the Videos page.

New Material Begins - April 2009
Celtic Legacy will begin the task of following up Guardian Of Eternity over the next few months. Due to the relative stability in the band at this point, all five members of the band will be contributing to the material and will have an equal shout in the creative process. From this point onward, the tracks the band come up wth will be credited to the entire band. We're hoping this will broaden the music somewhat and lead to a much more collaborative creative process.

Line Up Change - February 2009
Celtic Legacy has parted company with Conor Gillen. Although it's an over-used cliché, in this case it was definitely down to musical differences. Conor leaves with our best wishes and sincere thanks to his contributions to the band and his excellent playing on the Guardian Of Eternity album.

In his place the band is pleased to welcome Joe Farrell in on drums. Joe distinguished himself as drummer with Cruachan for 5 years, playing on 3 of their albums before leaving in 2007. Joe's first show with Legacy will be at the forthcoming British Steel IV festival in April.

Heavy Metal Killers Compilation Released - February 16 2009
The NWOBHM-styled Earache compilation "Heavy Metal KIllers" has been released as of Feb 16 to very good reviews. Legacy's appearance on this compilation is as a result of our apearance at last year's Bloodstock Festival.

You can order a copy of the album on either CD or limited edition vinyl at the Earache Webstore. This album should increase the band's international profile.

New Dave Morrissey Interview online - January 27 2009
The first interview of year, conducted with a Belgian webzine. Dave gives his usual honest take on events past & present and gives a brief insight into the band's plan for the next album.

See the full interview here!

Guardian Of Eternity Follow-Up - February 17 2009
The band will take the first steps toward following up the current album this Spring. The project is going under the working title of "Thirteen Winters". In a break from the previous 3 albums, the entire band will be contributing to the next release. A release date is not even being discussed at this point as no recording is being scheduled until the entire project has been written and rehearsed.

Celtic Legacy