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The Story So Far...

Celtic Legacy formed in 1997 and from then until 2009, the band released 3 albums with different line-ups.

Since 2012 the band has been a studio project which released its latest album, 'The Lie of the Land' in 2015.


It's been an interesting journey, which hasn't reached its end just yet.


Early Legacy

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The band's first proper line-up differs from the ones that succeeded it in that it featured a violin player, instead of a second guitar player. This incarnation of the band recorded Celtic Legacy's eponymous debut album in 1998.

Sales of this album would eventually fund the recording of the follow up in 2003. 

Dave Morrissey: Guitar/Keyboards

Dave Boylan: Bass/Vocals

Tom Branagan: Vocals

Ciara Roe: Violin

Phil McEvoy: Drums


Classic Legacy


Celtic Legacy put a new line-up together to record its second album Resurrection in 2003.The album was entirely funded by a pre-order campaign organised by fans.

Upon release Resurrection received stellar reviews and became an underground classic. The epic title track has become the band's signature song.

Alas, much like before, this line-up was also short lived.

Dave Morrissey: Guitar/Keyboards

Dave Boylan: Bass/Vocals

Mark Guildea: Vocals

Darren Maher: Guitar

Stephen Cash: Drums

Late Legacy


With more upheavals in the band's ranks, inspiration for the third Celtic Legacy album, Guardian of Eternity did not come easily. While not as fondly praised as ts predecessor, the album was a solid effort nonetheless. 


This line-up of the band stayed together longer than those that came before it, but money woes were to lead to an end of the band's time as a live act. The band played its final show in April 2009

Dave Morrissey: Guitar/Keyboards

Dave Boylan: Bass/Vocals

Ciaran Ennis: Vocals

Keith Hendley: Guitar/Vocals

Conor Gillen: Drums/Tin Whistle


The Lie of the Legacy


Following the band's break up, Dave Morrissey began work on a solo project, composing new music for a full album, but with Ciaran Ennis's later involvement, it was decided to  pursue it as a Celtic Legacy album instead.


The Lie of the Land was released in early 2015 to excellent reviews.

Dave Morrissey: Guitar/Bass/Keyboards/Drums

Ciaran Ennis: Vocals


New Legacy

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In June 2020 it was announced that Celtic Legacy would be returning with an updated, completely revamped version of its first album, titled Redux due for release in early 2021.

Joining on vocals is John Bonham (Old Season) while Dave Boylan also returns to his spiritual home. The trio will be writing new material for a proposed new album in the future.

Dave Morrissey: Guitar/Keyboards/Drums

Dave Boylan: Bass/Vocals

John Bonham: Vocals


CL Debut.jpg